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The Home Condition Report is similar to a more expensive "Home Buyers Survey"; Prepared for the Buyer  find out more >>


The Home Condition Report is similar to a the "Home Condition Survey"; but prepared as an optional survey to be included in the Home Information Pack find out more >>


An important part and mandatory part of the Home Information Pack is the Energy Performance Certificate; this tells prospective buyers about the energy performance of your house. find out more >>

Putting you in the know...


The Buyer can take account of any defects reported and use this as a bargaining tool to re-negotiate the asking price if the seller has not made any improvements to the property. Thus, the buyer may be able to agree a lower offer for the property in its current state. In addition, any seller who offers an HCR as part of their pack allows the buyer to make an informed decision before making an offer for the property.

Why would you purchase the single most significant investment you will make without know the condition of it?

Black Elk Home Condition Surveys are an effective and econonmical way of combating the Buyer Beware culture..  

  • Home Condition Surveys cost less
  • All Home Inspectors hold a degree level qualification and have an indepth knowledge and practical understanding of residential building construction.
  • Having a Home Condition Survey is a small investment in the grand scheme of property purchases, why not set your mind at ease when buying your new home


The owner of the property can examine the report and, based on the defects noted, may consider to have the necessary repairs carried out to their home. This would add value to the property, as any prospective buyer who is informed that the necessary repairs have been carried out will not need to consider how much extra investment is required to bring the home "up to scratch". The seller may well also obtain the full asking price for their property when placed on the market.

By providing a Survey with the HIP; you will speed up the buying process as the buyer will not need to commission their own Survey.

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